Lead Anywhere

Leland Sandler is an advisor for businesspeople and helps them to achieve financial and other goals by changing their way of thinking and interactions between individuals in a company.

One of the approaches he recommends is lateral leadership. The word lateral literally means »from the side«. How can you lead from the side? Leland says that this is a form of leadership without titles and positions. Simply, even if you are officially not a director or something like that, you can lead your group towards a goal by taking informal leadership when it seems you could do that well. This is becomming more common in modern companies.

Although leadership skills depend on genetics, too, people born with that talent still have to practise. Leland encourages them to do so. He says that networking is an important part of the process and should involve both people from the same company and those outside.

Leaders should build coalitions (groups of like-minded influential people), consult their teams and let everyone share his or her opiniones and ideas. Good leadership does not mean deciding about everything; it means helping groups find best solutions by asking, listening and inspiring.

Leaders that only think about themselves or oppress others can hardly make others do their best; in worst cases, they ruin the business by discouraging workers. They should be confindent but respectful.


Many tasks are done better if you are enthusiastic about them and leadership is one of them. Leland has found out that people tend to follow passionate leader and become more motivated themselves if they have an example. This is even more influential than commanding.

Leland has worked long in this field so he knows that each group has unique challenges. His work was not always easy. Nevertheless, he enjoys rewards of successful tasks.