Moms and Dads need to advertise their kids’ funny jokes and amazingly imaginative stories

The next time one of your friends passes a remark on your kids’ awesome but far-fetched stories, just remember that they did not suck it from their thumbs. If they are the good kids that you brought them up to be, just remember that they heard it from you. In any case, you are still proud of them, and so you should be. Spread your pride and joy even further now by posing all their crazy stories and funny jokes for kids on on the internet.

funny jokes

Now, isn’t this great? Finally, social media networks, your favorite too, are being put to good use. Up to now, all you may have heard are nothing but complaints and ranting and raving and endless gossiping. If you are one of those parents who are bringing your kids up on what you believe, things that have been passed through your family’s generations right down to you, then you will know that all this, up to now, has been quite woeful.

Now, while the grown-ups continue to behave, sometimes worse, like kids, let your kids (and others) rule. The moment you press the share button, you will quickly learn that the kids really rock. This is a free and open invitation to all you moms and dads to post your kids’ weirdest quotes, their cutest stories and funniest jokes that they made up all by themselves. There should never, ever be a need to call up the internet police because the kids’ jokes are really clean and innocent.

This is why in this day and age, their stories and jokes are all the more funnier, a lot more so than the stand-up comics and late night TV hosts who have to rely on crudities to make up for their own lack of talent.