What can mixology events offer?

In the last several years craft and specialty cocktails have surged in popularity, with the typical bartender being replaced by a specialist, or “mixologist.”

Many cocktail bars have opened around the world that specialize in drinks that go beyond the standard cosmopolitan or gin and tonic, and this has made mixology a popular addition to private events and parties, whether located at a bar or at an event venue.

There are a number of lounges and related cocktail bars that you work with, which can help you consolidate all – if not most – of your event planning in a single company. Or, for the more adventurous, find your own location and tailor a custom theme from the drinks served to the décor you pick. A fairytale theme could easily be held outdoors at a botanical garden, and there are a number of cokctails that can be perfectly crafted to delight your guests with chemical reactions and delicious flavors.

For a very unique event, consider offering some kind of interactive Mixology events as a theme, which can be customized to just about any occasion. This can be a great way to promote teamwork or just allow a group of attendees to relax and have some fun while learning to make some fancy drinks.

Be sure you find a company with an incredible staff that has been well trained and developed in the art of mixology. The right event planner can not only help you find a mixologist, but will make sure everything from your bar setup to your invitations is handled seamlessly. Have a party that is fun for you and your guests by going beyond the traditional bartender, and take your event to the next level.